Samba Houston Interviews: Dudu Nobre

Dudu Nobre, one of the biggest names of samba in Brazil, talks about his childhood and his journey to fame.

Samba D.O.C | Episode 03 - Passistas (Samba dancers)

In many places out of Brazil, they are the main - and sometimes the only - reference of samba. This episode is about the charming men and women known as samba dancers, or “passistas”.

Samba D.O.C. | Episode 02 - Bateria, the heart of Brazilian Carnaval!

In this episode you’ll learn more about the heart of a samba school, the “bateria” or Drumming ensemble, with the best of the best, our instructors from @BatuqueDigital.

Samba D.O.C. | Episode 01 - The history of Brazilian Carnaval!!!

The first episode of Samba D.O.C. !!!

In this video, our friend Fabio Fabato, acclaimed journalist, researcher, and author of several books about Brazilian Carnival explains its historical context.